What are the different types of websites?

What are the different types of websites? Websites are available in many various forms, sporting a spread of themes and styles. Read on to find out more about them…

1.25 billion. That’s not the number of planets within the galaxy or the number of grains of sand on a beach – it’s the number of internet sites currently alive, And this number is growing at a worrying pace.

What are the different types of websites?

Despite the sheer quantity of internet sites within the world today, no two are truly an equivalent. There are many various sorts of websites, with each serving a special purpose, donning a special design, and coming with varying design costs.

But what are these website types, exactly? Worry not – that’s why we’re here! We’re close to showing you the 12 hottest website categories with descriptions and example sites and introduce a number of the most well-liked web design trends.

After reading this text, you’ll have the ideas, tools, and tricks you would like to create an excellent website that stands out from the ever-growing crowd.

What are the different types of websites?

While it’s clear there are quite just twelve different types of internet sites within the world, we’ve picked the foremost common categories to offer you a general idea. These sorts of websites include blogs, corporate, e-commerce, portfolio or photo-sharing, crowdfunding, news/magazine, social media, TV or video streaming, educational, portal, and a wiki or community forum.

Here is our breakdown of the 12 most popular types of websites.

01 | Blog
02 | Corporate
03 | Ecommerce
04 | Portfolio
05 | Brochure
06 | Crowdfunding
07 | News or magazine
08 | Social media
09 | TV or video streaming
10 | Educational
11 | Portal
12 | Wiki or community forum

12 types of website complete details will be published in the next content

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