10 AdSense Tips for Maximizing your earnings

10 AdSense Tips for Maximizing your earnings. Maximizing Your Earnings: Follow the ten AdSense tips presented below and watch your revenue increase without taking any risks or violating any AdSense guidelines. How to increase AdSense Income in 2022, Quick AdSense Earnings Increase System in 2022. AdSense is one of the foremost popular ways to form money online and maybe among the simplest ways if you are doing things correctly.

10 AdSense Tips for Maximizing your earnings

By doing things correctly I’m following the values and practices that follow the AdSense guidelines, but in the same way, they can play a role in maximizing your income and earnings.

So, let’s see below the foremost important AdSense tips which will assist you to achieve that.

#1 Don’t violate any AdSense Guidelines.

I have mentioned this 3 times thus far within the article and that we are only within the first AdSense tip but it’s vital that whatever you are doing to extend your earnings is not against these guidelines. You can read the full guidelines here but in general, avoid:

Clicking on your ads for any reason (even testing them)

  • Buying traffic or clicks
  • Making the ads not look like ads
  • Showing ads to the user only and no content
  • Asking your friends to click on the ads
  • Adding the ads on a website that have inappropriate content (adult, alcohol, gambling, etc)

#2 Use Responsive AdSense Units.

We made several tests and everyone tests show (more details to be published in coming posts) that responsive websites with responsive AdSense units perform better than non-responsive websites.

If you’ve got a responsive website then you’ll replace your ads with Responsive AdSense Units. This means that counting on the available ad space, AdSense will show the foremost appropriate ad (both in size and type).

Especially for mobile websites, you will soon realize that the 300×250 on mobile performs much better compared to the standard 320×50.

# 3 Place your ads where users will see them.

The position of the ads is extremely important and may make an enormous difference in clicks and earnings.

It’s always better to possess the ads above the fold (that’s the world users see without scrolling) but if this is often impossible then attempt to have the ads in the main content of the page rather than the sidebar.

Caution: Google punishes websites that have too many ads above the fold so if you select to enter the ads within the main content roll in the hay at the top of the article.

#4 Publish Content more often.

Depending on the sort of website, you’ll prefer to publish content more often.

The idea is that frequent publishing will generate more visits to your website and more visits will naturally generate more AdSense clicks and revenue.

#5 Make your website load faster.

It is proven that faster websites cause more ad clicks so if you optimize your website’s speed this may eventually increase your earnings too.

Avoid using too many graphics and take away any images that don’t add value to the user experience but hamper the location.

#6 Remove other ad networks.

If you would like to form more from AdSense then you’ll remove the other ad networks and run AdSense only.
This will not only make your website load faster but also it’ll give more visibility to the AdSense ads which will cause more clicks and revenue.

Certainly, many ads do not mean more revenue so it’s always better to stick to the 3 ads per page (even if you are not using AdSense).

#7 Find your Adsense Referrers and improve them.

When you connect your Google Analytics account with Google Adsense, you’ll enter Analytics and see which referrers generate your AdSense revenue. You can see this under Behavior -> Adsense -> AdSense Referrers.

Visits from Facebook or other social media networks generate Adsense revenue once you view your website, so it’s a true idea to give you ideas about how to improve your presence to get more traffic and revenue.

#8 Use standard ad sizes (both text and image)

When fixing your ads use the sizes recommended by AdSense as being the foremost popular. These usually are 728×90, 336×280, 300×250 and 300×600. Other sizes may have less demand from advertisers and this may cause lower earnings.

Also, confirm that your ads are set to point out both text and pictures as this may increase the numbers of advertisers competing for your ad spaces and can lead to better earnings per click.

#9 Use AdSense experiments to check different ad variations.

One of the features of AdSense that’s not documented to users is AdSense Experiments (found under My Ads in your AdSense account). With experiments, you’ll test different variations for an equivalent ad spot and see which one performs better.

For example, you may test different link colors, border or no border, etc. This feature is extremely easy to use and you’ll tell during a few days which of your ads are better performing.

#10 Don’t make your website appear as if it Made for AdSense (MFA)

AdSense is supposed to enhance the user experience (and it does in most cases) by showing relevant ads that may interest the user.
That doesn’t mean that your website should specialize in the ads but still, your focus should get on the user experience and high-quality content.
AdSense is a way to monetize your content and not the reason for your website’s existence.
What else you’ll do to enhance your AdSense earnings?

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