How to get Payment in Qeekview

You can know How to get Payment in Qeekview. It is not so tough to get payment from Qeekview. To get paid in these apps you have to follow some rules. Below are the rules, step-by-step.

How to get Payment in Qeekview

Many may not understand English, They use translators

The rules to be followed when posting

  1. Please use the title when posting
  2. Select your post in the correct category
  3. Cannot post to your own personal.
  4. 18+ No photos can be used.

Some rules of QeekView

  1. Make more referrals, then you will get a 100% payment.
  2. Follow the QeekView Notifications And Click.
  3. To receive payments from QeekView, you must subscribe to two YouTube channels.
  4. Subscribe to this channel (Strong Required)

The rules of network engagement

  1. The Facebook group must be connected: Click Here
  2. Be connected to the telegram group: Click Here
  3. The Facebook Page must be connected: Click Here

Just as I received payment for working, I set out the rules of work for you.

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