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increase the YouTube video

How to increase the YouTube video view? Organic Traffic

How to increase the YouTube video view Organic Traffic? So, you want to be YouTube famous. You have the right video of a British child having his finger bitten by a British baby. You upload the video to YouTube and it’s a moment sensation. However, you’re wondering; are you able to increase the YouTube video views by refreshing the page? How does YouTube even count views? YouTube’s definition of a view is a viewer initiated intentional play of a video. In the early years of YouTube, a view count would increase whenever the video was loaded. This was a reasonable system, except it quickly became obvious that anyone – from a teenager sharing a home video to a business sharing a commercial -could simply reload their video over and over to increase (increase the YouTube video) their view count artificially.

How to increase the YouTube video view? Organic Traffic

Since YouTube’s homepage displays popularly viewed videos sorted by the number of views, it was easy for anyone to game the system and have their video appear on YouTube’s front page. YouTube couldn’t have that, so they tweaked the system a little. When the video is below 300 views, the views are counted in the same old-school reloading system. Fewer than 300 views won’t affect YouTube’s website. This method of view counting is ok for low view counts. The leeway for abusing the system is small and negligible.

The View Tipping Point

It is a special story when your video reaches 301 views. Why 301 views? The analytics behind YouTube’s view counting system demonstrates that any views higher than 300 could affect the quality of YouTube by crowding the homepage with artificially popular videos. A view count freezing at 301 views is no glitch. Ted Hamilton, Product Manager for YouTube Analytics, explains that the YouTube database is set up to freeze the view count at 301 until YouTube employees can manually verify whether or not the views have been obtained legitimately. More views can be obtained using automated computer processes (known as ‘bots’) that inflate the view count, or anyone refreshing video hundreds of times, giving credit to videos that otherwise wouldn’t receive attention. If you want to count the celebrities that make an appearance in Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video, you don’t want to go through several artificially popular videos to find it. YouTube analysts determine where the views are coming from. If a majority of views are coming from an equivalent few computers, they’re removed. Don’t panic when your views freeze, the views are still counted and therefore the number of likes and dislikes isn’t affected. Your video can still be viewed and monetized despite the view count ice. Once your view count has been verified, the particular number of views is released and therefore the view count will begin increasing again. You are now 301 views near to being YouTube famous.

Views Exceeding 301 – How to increase the YouTube video view? Organic Traffic

The rules change again once your video overcomes 301 views. There is a replacement algorithm to detect and eliminate fraudulent views. The old refreshing the page method will not work. The new algorithm automatically identifies and eliminates views from malware and spambots. YouTube’s exact security measures are classified. If YouTube’s security was public, there would likely be bots and poison developed to hack into it. It is vague how YouTube actually audits the view count of videos with over 301 views. If your view count was being tracked from day to day you’d potentially notice a fluctuation or freezing of your view count, this might indicate that your views are being validated. If you acquired views fairly, then you’ve got nothing to stress about. However, if you used a spambot, malware virus, or bought views from a 3rd party, your views are going to be deleted then could your video.

Some signs of a fraudulent view are:

The video is reloaded repeatedly
The views appear to come from malware viruses
The video is about to auto-play embedded on an internet site

Breaking Rules, Buying Views

There are some ways to extend view count, buying views is one method. YouTube views are often purchased through a 3rd party website. Buying views are often a tempting advertising technique by companies wishing to market their video; however, YouTube especially states that buying views is illegal on their policy center page. If YouTube finds fraudulent use on its website it’s the authority to get rid of videos.

The Harm in Fraudulent Views

The biggest problem with insidious views is how they affect a YouTube advertisement. YouTube ads pay per impression and click. If a YouTube ad is featured before a fraudulent video it complicates the connection between YouTube and therefore the company being advertised. Fraudulent views devalue advertisements. YouTube, the advertiser, and therefore the owner of the video following the throwaway all make less money because more judicial views are required to receive the clicks necessary to payout. It is even worse when people have paid a 3rd party website to realize more viewers because it deflates the worth of the ads. Part of the rationale insidious views is so widespread on YouTube is because video creators know that the more views they obtain, the more brand recognition they’re going to receive. YouTube’s popularity has continued to escalate over the past 5 years, providing a perfect circumstance for businesses to advertise on YouTube and gain recognition.

YouTube Popularity Forever Increasing

It is no surprise that YouTube’s numbers still skyrocket. In 2014, YouTube racked in a conjectural 4 billion in revenue, received 4 billion video views per day, and 6 billion hours of videos watched per month. In 2015, YouTube revenues Arrived at 1.51 billion US dollars, up from 0.81 billion in 2013. More videos are uploaded to YouTube every 60 days than the three major US television networks manufactured within the previous 60 years. This is wonderful for fans of funny cat videos, also as Google shareholders.

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