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Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing? Why and how?

Today we will inform you guys What is Email Marketing? and Why and how you can become successful. In this article you can have many ideas to do well in Email Marketing so let’s get started.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the only, cheapest and fastest ways to advertise your product to consumers within the advertising world. It doesn’t matter what you are selling. In one click, your service can reach thousands of customers.

Why do email marketing?

People can read the mail whether or not they are within the office, reception or while traveling. So you’ll easily send your message to your customers. Looking at some statistics, we will understand why we are so critical of email marketing.

1. In social media, where people buy 1.5% of the product, email marketing is bought in the middle of 5.25%.

2. Email marketing is 5 times simpler for brand spanking new subscribers than Facebook or Twitter.

3. 72% of people prefer to get promotional offers by email, whereas the rate of advertising choice on social media is only 5%.

4. An email campaign gets quite 6x clicks from a Twitter campaign.

5. Return of Investment 5% (Expending $ 5)

According to a survey conducted by Adestra, 5% of companies say they expect to be fully hooked into email marketing by 20. 5% of marketers think email marketing is the primary way to get customers for the business. 5% of consumers say that they purchase via email or information available. And 9% of businesspeople in the western world get their customers through email marketing.

According to a report by, on February 28, the number of email users totaled about 1.5 billion, which sent about 20 billion emails daily. So if you want to pursue a career in digital marketing, learning email marketing will be a very smart job.

How do Email Marketing?

For email marketing, you’ll need a mail list first. So you can do this by buying customers’ mail (buy the email list from here) or collect the mail of the customer who is interested in getting your service yourself. You can also do email marketing by the steps.

1. Set your goals

What do you want to do first? Do you want to increase your product sales? Want to tell people about your brand? Or want to bring visitors to your website?

2. Select Email Marketing Provider

You cannot send thousands of emails to an email client. So you need to get the help of an email marketing provider. You can get help from Mailchimp, AWeber, Getresponse.

3. Get Started List Building

During the list build, keep in mind the following:

  • Tell the customer what benefits he or she is going to receive by giving the mail.
  • You don’t spam him.
  • How often do you email her?
  • What discounts do you give him?
  • His mail is safe with you.

4. Email Subjects and Templates

Enter the attractive subject in the mail. If necessary, take 20 minutes to write down the topic and research what quite offer the customer really wants. Because the customer will decide in two seconds whether he will open your mail or not. Pick an honest template and provides some information about your offer there.

5. Select how often you would like to send mail

Choose whether you would like to send mail daily, weekly or once a month.

6. Observe

This is the step you’ve got to try to to the particular work. Here you have to see if the contents of your mail are okay, the timing of sending the mail, the mail without pictures or pictures, the mail is pushing in the inbox or going to spam. This is how your customers understand the frequency of mail. Correct what is going wrong.

7. Keep Mail Collection On

Marketing is an ongoing process so you’ve got to specialize in the old customer also because of the new customer. To collect mail employing a landing page, survey tool, crop up a plugin, Facebook, etc.


After all, to be an honest email marketer you’ll not need to collect many emails and albeit you are doing not know thousands of selling strategies. You need to select the proper strategy and therefore the right mail for you. And it’s impossible to finish such detailed topics like mail marketing in a piece of writing. Thanks for reading the post over time. There will be new issues to be seen within the front. Have a good day.

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